The Perfect Soundtrack for This Unbearably Hot and Humid LA Summer.

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It’s the self-titled release by Abstrakto.

The name might sound like some sort of villain out of the Marvel comic universe. But in reality, it is the debut project from Asdru Sierra & Balt Getty.


If the names sound familiar, well… they should.

Asdru is the trumpet player and vocalist of LA based band Ozomatli. And Balt Getty, is Balthazar Getty, from the band Ringside, as well as a recognizable actor in high profile films and TV shows. He was also in Young Guns II & Lord of the Flies as a teen actor (had to mention these, they were among my fav movies as a kid).

Abstrakto as a whole feels like a sonic journey from start to finish. The opening tracks introduce a nostalgic vibe of trumpet melanchollia that permeates throughout the entire album. Pieces like “Síguele” and “Mucho Ruido” focus Asdru’s distinctive timbre while “Marcando Pasos” intensely showcases his ability on the brass to channel the feeling you might find on an Ennio Morricone score.

The most appealing thing about this project is that none of it feels forced or contrived. The overlap of an updated World Beat vibe, along with allusions to Cuban ballads ala Buena Vista, and dare I say hints of The Specials in the form of dark, rocksteady energy, mesh really well together.

Check out the video for the latest single, “Mucho Ruido”.

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