The Russian Futurists: Artist You Should Know

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UpperClass_RussianFuturists_CD booklet.inddThe Russian Futurists have been described by other publications as “lo-fi” and “twee.” When I listen to their current release The Weight’s on the Wheels, however, I feel like I’m hearing the indie rock equivalent of the R&B jams I used to listen to on V-103 as a 12-year-old girl.

Tracks of polished whimsy that insist upon you shaking your booty to it immediately.

Stream “Golden Years”:

A quick glance at the Wikipedia page for the Canadian band reveals that it is essentially the project of one man, Matthew Adam Hart, and that he is both influenced by the songwriting of Magnetic Fields frontman Stephen Merritt AND got his start producing Indie Hip Hop singles.

So there you go!

The Weight’s On the Wheels has been a pleasant year-end surprise; a throw back to the sounds that kept me grooving in my bedroom every night during middle school with the twist of something quirky and fresh.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some dancing to get back to…

Marion Hodges