The Sister Ruby Band: Local Band We Love

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By DJ Valida –

One of the perks of being the DJ and Talent Coordinator for one of West Hollywood’s most intimate live music series, Desert Nights at the Standard in Hollywood, is being in a position to meet an incredible array of artists from all walks of life. Some are well-established, having 5+ records behind them, but some are in the early spring of their career…perhaps a little rough around the edges, but with a promise that something great will ensue, if they just stick with it.

And every once in a while you come across an artist who seems to not fit either one of these categories. Someone who, although at the spring of their ascent, managed to do some moon-walking through summer and fall, while all of us were fast asleep, to come out with a collection of songs that are so eloquently crafted, so beautifully executed, and so refreshingly honest, that they practically shout out loud, in all of their tenderness: I am the real thing.

Stream “96 Dreams”

When I was first introduced to the Austrian-born 22-year old frontman Johnny Ruby at Desert Nights a month or so ago I honestly didn’t expect his full-length, “In Cold Blood” to sound like it did. Maybe it was just that night’s outfit, but Johnny looked more like a punk-rock kid than the psyched-out-Americana-meets-shoegaze-folky sounding guy that I heard when I pressed ‘play’. Wow. Mental note to self, for the umpteenth time: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

The Sister Ruby Band’s debut was released on Starfish Records last month. The track that gives me goose bumps is “96 Dreams” and if you are able to come out TONIGHT (Wednesday, Sept 21), to the Standard Hollywood, you’ll be lucky enough to hear him perform it live in the Cactus Lounge as part of this week’s Desert Nights. More info here

— Valida