The Week Ahead – Today’s Top Tune 3.20 – 3.24.17

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This week Today’s Top Tune tunes in to the solo project by Delta Spirit-founder Mathew Logan Vasquez before he comes to LA mid-May. Catch up with Gospel great CeCe Winans who’s back with a new album after a nine-year hiatus. Feel Fink get gritty when he sings the blues, get acquainted with Big Gigantic before they hit the stage at Coachella, and feel our excitement about Baths who has a new moniker called Geotic.

Monday, March 20

Matthew Logan Vasquez: Same from Does What He Wants

Co-founder and frontman for Delta Spirit, Matthew Logan Vasquez began writing a new album for the group when he realized the album was much more personal. So he decided to release it as a solo project. Recording in his makeshift home studio he wrote basic tracks and put together a small band to flush out the songs. An expressive and passionate singer, Vasquez delivers an urgent and soulful message on “Same.”

Tuesday, March 21

Fink:  Boneyard from Sunday Night Blues Club Volume One

​Fin Greenall, or Fink, turned to the blues for his latest work. Recording in between tours and immersing himself in the genre, he scoured record stores, read books and watched documentaries in order to inspire and educate himself. Using a vintage mic and recording each song in a single take, he employed legendary New Orleans drummer David Shirley and the musically complex genius Colin Stetson. It’s all of these elements combined that make “Boneyard” sound timeless and genuine.

Wednesday, March 22

CeCe Winans: Hey Devil! (feat. The Clark Sisters) from Let Them Fall in Love

​Ten-time Grammy winner and multiplatinum-selling-artist Cece Winans has just released her most adventurous album to date. Ten tracks converge on themes of love, faith, joy and peace. “Hey Devil!” features the powerhouse gospel group The Clark Sisters for a fiery yet playful rebuke on temptation.

 Thursday, March 23

Geotic: Nav from Abysma

​LA’s own Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, turns to an alternate alias, Geotic, to unfurl work that he describes as dance music you can listen to at home by yourself. It’s another view on how we generally perceive dance and electronic music. Songs like “Nav,” were created as a way to relax at home after a tough day.

​​Friday, March 24

Big Gigantic:The Little Things (feat. Angela McCluskey) from Brighter Future

​Big Gigantic live shows have a power that brings people together. Sexy saxophonist and producer Dominic Lalli and devilish drummer Jeremy Salken first recall hearing Angela McCluskey’s work when she sang with Telepopmusic and were instantly smitten. The Colorado duo knew it just had to work with her. McCluskey’s smoky and soulful sound helps round out Big Gigantic’s “The Little Things.”