The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 10.8 – 10.12.18

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This week KCRW offers a fresh variety of songs, including a new one from Tash Sultana’s debut album. We unearth new projects from: Baths called Geotic, and Heartless Bastards bassist debuts The Tender Things. Dreamy-duo Azure Ray deliver a new song and check out a live recording from Until The Ribbon Breaks on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

If you have a chance to listen to Tash Sultana’s debut album, you’ll hear all 15 of the instruments she played on the recording; from the pan flute to the loop pedals. Sultana didn’t stop there, as she produced, wrote, and performed all of the songs. “Free Mind” is a track that she spent years perfecting until it all fell into place.

Tuesday, Oct 9 Geotic “Gondolier”

When Will Weisenfeld aka Baths was asked to distinguish the music made under his new moniker, Geotic, he simply responded: “Baths is active listening, Geotic is passive listening”, and we get it! “Gandolier,” would be perfect on a Sunday morning.

Wednesday, Oct 10 The Tender Things “Oh Rosie”

Heartless Bastards and Austin-based bassist Jessse Ebaugh started writing his own songs in 2016. Heartless Bastards decided to take a break, so he formed The Tender Things. Drawing from his experience as a bluegrass and country musician in his native Kentucky, he’s laid down a timeless track called “Oh Rosie.”

Thursday, Oct 11 Azure Ray “Palindrome”

Azure Ray had a chance to revisit their early work, when a box of original reels from their first recordings appeared on their doorstep. That alone inspired them to create new songs. So for the last few months Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink traded music between Los Angeles and Omaha until they came up with new work they love including, “Palindrome.”

Friday, Oct 12 Until The Ribbon Breaks “My Love” Live on MBE

Newly relocated to LA, duo Until the Ribbon Breaks made a stop on Morning Becomes Eclectic to perform songs from their new self-titled album. We share the effervescent and catchy track “My Love.”