The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 11.20 – 11.24.17

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We take five new songs from brand new releases, including work with NY duo Sofi TukkerJonti tracks its spiritual journey in song. Australian cousins making up Kllo have a distinct sound informed by the 90s. ​Wild Child has a compelling album coming in 2018 but we get an early start to its sound. ​And we swoon to the music of Curtis Harding. ​

Monday, Nov 20

Kllo: Virtue

​Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam spent much of 2016 on an extensive world tour. ​The journey left them far from home, isolated, vulnerable and treading through uncharted territory while yearning for more familiar terrain. Their full length debut depicts their inner lives through those times. Virtue has a gentle start that leads us to a club ready groove.

Tuesday, Nov 21

Jonti: Sleeping and Falling

​Each song on Jonti’s new album was an all-encompassing conversation he had with himself on a five year spiritual journey. ​​​Sleeping and Falling is a mixed bag of emotions filled with pop melodies and cool vocals.

Wednesday, Nov 22

Sofi Tukker: Best Friend (clean)

​​Sofi Tukker came on our radar a couple years ago and we’ve watched the duo’s star rise higher and higher as more people discover its quirky greatness. The band’s electro-pop joy is now infecting the masses and we’re happy to share Best Friend with you.

Thursday, Nov 23

Wild Child: Think It Over

The Austin-based band Wild Child traveled far and wide to work with a bunch of producers and musicians, including former Death Cab for Cutie alumni Chris Walla who produced the compelling and Feist-like song Think It Over.

Friday, Nov 24

Curtis Harding: Go as You Are

​One of the most anticipated releases this fall is out now and it’s a gem! Curtis Harding is lauded as the real deal. We agree with a line in his bio that says, “He figures out how to tap into the old soul man of the past without mimicking or bastardizing it.”​ Check out Go as You Are for yourself.