The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 5.1 – 5.5.17

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This week, Today’s Top Tune is a grab bag full of new music, including songs by Avett Brother Timothy Seth Avett, who goes under the alias Darling; a brand new duo called Neil Frances; indie pop artist Hazel English; and a couple of sexy numbers, one by NIIA, on the eve of her debut album release, and the other by LA-based Harriet Brown.

Monday, May 1

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling: Disappointing You from IV

It’s been a dozen years since Timothy Seth Avett released an album under the moniker Darling. An alias that in his younger days helped him through the bumpy road into manhood now continues to help him process life’s experiences. “Disappointing You” just one example of his honest emotional narrative.

 Tuesday, May 2

Neil Frances: Dumb Love

LA-based Neil Frances has been working on becoming a band as the duo experiments with its sound. We are excited about “Dumb Love,” the first ever track by the duo.

Wednesday, May 3

Hazel English: Fix from Never Going Home/Just Give In

Oakland-based artist Hazel English has been riding a wave of success for her brand of indie pop. She’ll be touring Europe this month armed with a new double EP made up of her debut and a strong selection of six new tracks, including “Fix.”

Thursday, May 4

Niia: Nobody from I

LA-based, future jazz vocalist and classically trained pianist NIIA is excited about her forthcoming debut album, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Robin Hannibal of Rnye. Niia recorded a silky, smooth body of work that tells the story of a young woman moving to LA as she experiences a life of ups and downs. Check out “Nobody.”

Friday, May 5

Harriet Brown: Cryptid from Contact

Harriet Brown composed, arranged and co-produced a debut full-length as a concept album about communication and the contact we make with the world around us, whether it be with our friends, lovers or a higher being. Strains of Prince and Sade are featured on the song “Cryptid.”