The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 5.10 – 5.17.17

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This week, Today’s Top Tune spins tunes by classical pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, who delivers a quiet lovely piece to inspire us. We enjoy newcomer Levi Thomas, as he gets psychedelic, and we share some of our most played songs in the last few weeks. You’ll get Big ThiefPhoenix and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard.

Monday, May 15

Big Thief: Mythological Beauty from Capacity

Big Thief evokes a peaceful melancholy on “Mythological Beauty.” Just a year after releasing its debut album, the band returns with a new collection of 11 folk-tinged songs, slated for release in June.

Tuesday, May 16

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Life, Life from Async

It’s been eight long years since Japanese pianist and renown film composer ​Ryuichi Sakamoto put out an album. In his impeccable style he’s turned to the mundane for inspiration. Household objects, sculpture and nature all played their part in pieces like “Life, Life” as he carefully balanced the essence of each track in his classic minimalist way.

​​Wednesday, May 17

Levi Thomas: The Fear

​Levi Thomas resides in the Bay Area. Like his forbearers he came out here looking for gold. In his case, he catches rays of golden sunshine in his cosmic country twang on “The Fear.”

​​Thursday, May 18

Joe Goddard: Ordinary Madness​ from Electric Lines​

Joe Goddard has a strong track record. He was first lauded as the singer, producer and founding member of Hot Chip and for his work with The 2 Bears. Now he’s got a landmark solo album on the horizon that includes “Ordinary Madness.”

​​Friday, May 19

Phoenix: J-Boy from Ti Amo

KCRW has been a huge supporter of Phoenix from the beginning and each time the French outfit has a new album, we pounce on it. “J-Boy” is a cool new track we’re enjoying.