The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 5/7 – 5/11/18

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​​This week you can add 5 new songs to your Today’s Top Tune playlist as we share new work from: Sam Morrow (who has a hometown show at The Echo in June); MBE favorite Rex Orange County; new artist MamalarkyVacationer’s latest; and a track from The Chapin Sisters.

Monday, May 7 Sam Morrow “Quick Fix”

Sam Morrow’s third album cements his place as a member of LA’s Country elite. Reminiscent of Little Feat and recalling Lynyrd Skynyrd – Morrow conjures up fine countrified rock on “Quick Fix.”

​T​uesday, May 8 Rex Orange County “Loving Is Easy”

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Alex O’Connor aka Rex Orange County was fed-up with school and at a loss, when the self-taught drummer decided he wanted more than bit part roles in bands. Applying keys and vocals, he was able to escape from boredom by making loose, personable songs like “Loving Is Easy.”

Wednesday, May 9 Mamalarky “Nonmonogamy”

Austin born but LA-based trio Mamalarky explore the delights of new love via jazz chords and psychedelic pop. They sing in unison about “Nonmonogamy.”

Thursday, May 10 Vacationer “Magnetism”

Vacationer co-founder, frontman, and bassist Kenny Vasoli tucked himself away in isolation to shift his focus from songwriting to production for their forthcoming album ​”​Mindset.​”​ Studying the nuances of Ableton and some of his favorite albums -“Magnetism” borrows a beat from the Hall & Oates songbook.

Friday, May 11 The Chapin Sisters “Ferry Boat”

“Ferry Boat” is the seventh release from siblings The Chapin Sisters, and it’s their first recording since they each gave birth to their first child. On the eve of Mother’s Day, we are treated to the title track “Ferry Boat”, which is a prime example that a good harmony and guitar is all you need.

(Rex Orange County photo c/o artist)