The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 8/20 – 8/24/18

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Add some new music to your collection this week with Today’s Top Tune, as we serve up a song from a NY-based band that’s been under the radar called Gitkin. Plus, a new song from KCRW favorites The Growlers. We’ll chill out with local artist Harriet Brown. We’ll practice the art of “Letting Go” with Wild Nothing, in advance of their Regent Theater show in October. And we’ll wrap up the week with a live track from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, recorded on MBE.

Monday, August 20 Gitkin “Grand Street Feast”

Once upon a time, a man named Gitkin sold knock-off guitars. Days were spent selling his wares, and in the evening late night jams would pierce through the darkness. Decades later, his nephew pieced his story together and was inspired to make his own music. Gitkin uses the guitar as a common thread that binds a myriad of styles. “Grand Street Feast” touches on Sahara’s Tuareg music.

Tuesday, August 21 The Growlers “Problems III”

The Growlers have been forging their twisted musical path for almost a decade now. Their latest endeavor (along with their own festival, Beach Goth) comes in the form of a gritty, new full-length that hearkens back to the DIY vintage sound we came to love. Check out “Problems III.”

Wednesday, August 22 Harriet Brown “Bag Away”

LA-based, Filipino singer-songwriter and producer Harriet Brown draws heavily on smooth chill vibes, combined with a romantic bass line on “Bag Away.”

Thursday, August 23 Wild Nothing “Letting Go”

Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, wondered how his music would age and whether it was timeless. Time will tell, but for now, let’s appreciate the lush harmonies, chorused guitars, and digital precision on “Letting Go.”

Friday, August 24 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever “An Air Conditioned Man” Live on MBE

The rollicking guitar pop of Aussie band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever captured our attention at SXSW last year, and their recent MBE session fulfilled their promise. On this edition of Today’s Top Tune Live on MBE, we hear from Fran and Tom, who usually write fictional characters and why they chose to work a little differently on “An Air Conditioned Man.”