The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 9.18 – 9.22.17

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​Here’s what’s in store for Today’s Top Tune this week! Start the week with Ibeyi, the French-Cuban twins that Beyonce lovesRediscover the London-based band CousteauX. Spend the last day of summer with Matt Pond PA​. Check out an instrumental track by Luna. If you’re a fan of John Martyn take a chance on Karl Blau.

​Monday, Sept 18

Ibeyi: Away Away

Electronic-soul sisters Ibeyi integrate elements of their French-Cuban heritage and Yoruba culture into their music. Away, Away takes us into a world where a girl looks out the window on a world falling apart and does nothing about it until she begins to sing.

Tuesday, Sept 19

CousteauX: Memory Is a Weapon

​After a ten year hiatus, singer Liam McKahey and songwriter/musician Davey Ray Moor of the London-based Cousteau re-form as CousteauX. A band KCRW championed in the early 00s, Costeau’s romantic song of yearning The Last Good Day of the Year became a pop hit. We’re thrilled by their return to majestic darkness on Memory Is a Weapon.

​​Wednesday, Sept 20

Luna: ​GTX3

This week beloved indie ​darlings Luna return with two simultaneous releases: an LP of covers, featuring work by a slew of great artists, AND an instrumental EP of Luna originals. Dean Wareham says, “The instrumental EP was kind of an afterthought and most of these instrumentals grew out of little ideas that Sean or I had recorded on our iPhones’ Voice Memo app. GTX3 was named for the fuzz pedal that Sean Eden was playing around with the day he wrote the song.”

Thursday, Sept 21

Matt Pond PA: Still Summer

​One of the hardest things to do every year is say goodbye to the lazy days of summer.​ On the last day of the season we turn to Matt Pond PA which has have released a dozen albums, and has decided that this will be its last full length LP. Don’t worry. The band’s not leaving us entirely. It will still make music and share it. For now, we bid farewell with the title track to Still Summer.

​​Friday, Sept 22

Karl Blau: Slow Children

​A couple of years ago, Karl Blau put out a lush album filled with Country-Soul-tinged covers. For his new recording, Blau sets out with original material ​spotlighting his multi-instrumental prowess and his gift for touching hearts. Today’s Top Tune reminds us of the late John Martyn. The song is Slow Children.