This Week’s Top Downloads: Odesza, RJD2 + JLIve, Lorde Magnifik Remix

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Odesza – “ My Friends Never Die”

This is my current favorite jam of the moment. It’s by a Seattle-based duo called Odesza. They’ve posted their entire EP up on Soundcloud as a free download, but the title cut, “My Friends Never Die” is THE ONE.

RJD2 + J-Live – Her Majesty’s Socialist Request

In the beginning of the aughts both RJD2 and J-Live burst onto scene.

RJD2’s first album, “Deadringer”, took the world by storm (a sliver of it, anyway) and was like the second coming of DJ Shadow’s groundbreaking debut “Entroducing that people had been craving (“June” still gets me); likewise, J-Live seemed poised to carry the torch of Native Tongues-style beats and flows into the 21st century with his albums “The Best Partand “All Of The Above”.

Then Southern rap took over and flipped the script. The party jam was in and sample-based production and lyricism was out.

RJD2 (who’s probably best known at this point as the man who created the Mad Men theme) is back with a new album entitled “More Is Than Isn’t next month, and the first single, “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” has been a hit at the station.

Now we have the remix with J-Live rapping over the top of it and it is every bit as good as it looks on paperwork.

Maybe it’s true what they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder or maybe I’m simply a sucker for this sound when it’s done right. Enter your email to download below.

Lorde – “Royals” (Magnifik remix with Rashon Amiel)

Summer is officially over, but with Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” album set for release next week, it’s as good a time as any to put a spotlight on this track.

It’s probably my most played song of the year — the Magnifik remix of “Royals” with Rashon Amiel.

Every time I play it I still get comments on Twitter, so I know a lot of people will still be hearing it for the first time.

It’s the ultimate 2013 summer jam, but it really never gets old. Download it here!