Three Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Beach Baby, XO, Hippo Campus

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Beach Baby – “No Mind No Money”

There’s something seductive about this song that just draws me in. Since I consider myself a beach baby at heart, I immediately liked their name and the music suits it.

Fans of Mac Demarco should really dig this one.

The band is based in London and have plans to play on our shores this Fall.

XO – “Flames of a Phoenix”

DJ Anthony Valadez hipped me to this futuristic feeling, electro-fied, R&B track.

If you were cruising down the street listening to this song, I guarantee you’d get to your intended location in half the time you expected. It has that kind of propulsion.

Killer beats, funky vibes and great vocals.

XO is a 19-year-old producer out of the UK and this track is on his second EP, “The Ethereal Experience”.

Hippo Campus – “Suicide Saturday”

You can go ahead and list this one under songs that I CANNOT get out of my head. It’s been in there for about a week at this point!

These youngsters (19 and 20 year olds) are getting raves for their live performances and just released a new EP called “Bashful Creatures”.

They’ll be in LA for a show at the Santa Monica Pier on July 16.

If you’re liked early Vampire Weekend, this will be up your alley. (The title track is pretty great as well and, like one of VW’s early singles “Oxford Comma”, it has a pretty prominent F bomb)