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From KCRW volunteer Sierra Drucker

Timber Timbre have kindly bestowed a bewitching new single for us to stew on while awaiting the rest of their upcoming album “Creep On Creepin’ On”, which is set to be released April 5th on Arts & Crafts.

Stream “Black Water”

Black Water” is a sinister and enchanting piece that lives in a goosebump-inducing world of it’s own.  Those estranged yet elegant vocals lure you in to a sort of proletariat gothic blues.  A weathered organ, unapologetic bass, playful use of saxophone, and the twinkling from a surely cobweb-filled upright provide the backdrop in this haunting arrangement.

Timber Timbre have always had a knack for the dramatic.  In fact, Taylor Kirk, singer and multi-instrumentalist, cites Bernard Hermann as one of his main influences along with Nina Simone and Lightning Hopkins.  Their taste for vintage is clearly manifested in their sound, which I can best describe as post swamp blues.

While their music is conceptual, it’s not at all insincere.  It feels more like they have embraced and fine-tuned a sound that was always uniquely their own.  It’s worth the time to listen through their albums in chronological order.

While they all share that signature dark rootsy quality, the production value and musical style has a clear evolution.  I happen to love the DIY recordings that make up the first two self-released albums “Cedar Shakes” (2005) and “Medicinals” (2007).  But it was their 2009 self-titled album that first brought them into the spotlight, garnering critical attention and a record deal with Arts & Crafts.

“Creep On Creepin’ On” promises another dose of delightfully chilling tunes.  You can pre-order the record through their website along with a 7” split of “Black Water” and a song from guitarist Simon Trottier’s instrumental project, Ferriswheel.

If the rest of their album is any bit as captivating as the single, we’re in for quite a treat.

— Sierra

“Creep On Creepin’ On” Track Listing

timber album artBad Ritual


Creep On Creepin’ On

Black Water

Swamp Magic


Too Old To Die Young

Lonesome Hunter

Do I Have Power