To the Moon…Psychemagik’s Lunar Escape

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Like The Orb’s inspirational realm somewhere beyond the Ultraworld, Psychemagik’s Cosmic Forest is a trippy dreamscape where anything is possible. The Cosmic Forest has refigured perfect bona-fide pop hits by Fleetwood Mac and Wang Chung and somehow reimagined and reinvested them with infinitely listenable energy. The Cosmic Forest has also imbued new jams by Metronomy and Clock Opera, underground classics by Chilly, and lost classics like Intrinsic Trance’s “Hey Policeman” with a similar magikal energy.

Now, in the quiet darkness of the Forest, the UK duo has secretly built a rocket to the Moon in the form a brand new EP called Lunar Escape. Their first self-released downloadable release, it’s a short excursion to a hidden Cosmic Forest on the face of the Moon. In three tracks, the EP covers a whole lot of ground, from ItaloDisco to chuggy tech-house to downtempo ambient house…ambitious as it is successful, Lunar Escape fearlessly tackles it all with righteous aplomb.

Edits, remixes, original work and the occasional trip to the Moon…typical Cosmic Forest stuff.