Today’s Top Tune: The Week Ahead 9.4 – 9.8.17

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​A fistful of songs from Today’s Top Tune awaits! We’ll start the week with Alvvays which you can catch late September at the Music Tastes Good Festival in Long Beach. Then Fink displays his songwriting prowess on Cracks Appear. We’ll share a track from Phoebe Bridgers before she takes it to the El Rey Theater on November 8. Tickets go on sale for KCRW’s resurrected costume Halloween ball Masquerade, which we celebrate with Marlon Wiliams‘ Vampire Again, and we close the week with Ben Gibbard who recreated his favorite record of all time by Teenage Fanclub.

​​Monday, Sept 4

Alvvays: Dreams Tonight

​According to our own Marion Hodges, Alvvays has always seemed to set its phasers to “max chills inducement.” This second single from the Canadian indie-pop band’s forthcoming record Antisocialites manages to take this specific skill set to even further heights. Seriously, the chorus is, “If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight?” Even if it feels like it will be 110 degrees in your apartment from now until the end of time, this song will have you curled up on the couch with a blanket and a mug of tea in no time.

​​Tuesday, September 5

Fink Cracks: Appear

Fink’s knack for storytelling lead him to collaborations with Amy Winehouse and John Legend​. His strong vocals harness tender lean lyrics on Cracks Appear.

​​Wednesday, Sept 6

Phoebe Bridgers: Motion Sickness

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has ​been capturing our attention lately for her ​melodic sunny disposition​. Motion Sickness was written on a baritone guitar and is the most upbeat song on her album, even though it discusses a problematic relationship.

​​​​Thursday, Sept 7

Marlon Williams: Vampire Again

It’s been a while since KCRW hosted our legendary Halloween costume ball, Masquerade. We’ve resurrected the event and are making tickets available today! Get inspired with a seductively scary song by Marlon Wiliams called Vampire Again.

​​Friday, Sept 8

Benjamin Gibbard: The Concept

​Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard recreates Teenage Fanclub’s 1991 album Bandwagonesque in its entirety. Gibbard says, “Bandwagonesque is my favorite record from my favorite band of all time. It came along at a pivotal time in my musical life and I’ve loved it for 25 years. It’s been such a blast taking these songs apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again.” The Concept kicks off the album.