Top 10 EPs of 2014 by Aaron Byrd

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Some of my favorite releases of this year were EPs. So this was even harder to put together than either of my TOP TEN ALBUMS lists.

Nevertheless, these are the 10 best EPs of 2014.

1) Shamir “Northtown EP” (GODMODE)

This EP might be my favorite discovery of 2014. The first couple of tracks are simply fun. Try not to feel good when you put this on…it’s impossible. He then ends the EP with a pretty country song.

This cat is only 19 yrs old and is already quite impressive. I think we’re in for years of lot’s of good music from Shamir.

2) Doc Daneeka “From Mine to Mistress EP” (Ten Thousand Yen)

Deep, dark, dirty, nasty and a touch of tribal house music…I love it! Just put it on and enjoy, this is another fun one.

3) Buscabulla “Buscabulla EP” (Kitsune)

The first prize of a Guitar Center competition last year was an EP produced by Dev Hynes (Blood Orange). This is that EP.

Combining Buscabulla’s caribbean flavor & psychedelic touches with Dev’s 80s sensibility, makes for some interesting sonic textures. In other words, this music just sounds cool.

4) Goldbloc “Black Gold EP” (Free Download)

Soulful head nodding beats, dreamy vocals & it’s FREE! Nuff said.

5) Anchorsong “Mawa EP” (BBE)

If your a fan of world music and beats then you’ll love this. If Debruit & Clap!Clap! teamed up to make a house record it would be “Mawa” EP.

6) Ibeyi “Oya EP” (XL Recordings)

Ibeyi are French twin sisters whom are the daughters of Miguel “Anga” Diaz, former percussionist for Buena Vista Social Club. Their mission is to spread Yoruban culture through a combination of jazz, hip hop, folk & soul music.

7) Majid Jordan “A Place Like This” (OVO Sound/Warner Bros)

It’s future soul with a Prince sensibility. Super sexy and really cool.

8) Moses Sumney “Mid-City Island” (Sumney Records)

Stunning vocals, a delicacy to his guitar playing that is charming and great song writing.

If you have yet to hear Moses Sumney, you’ve probably heard about him or soon will. This guys is a star in the making and this is his debut.

As an EP, it even cracked Jeremy Sole’s list of top 10 albums this year.

9) Nick Hakim “Where Will We Go, Pt. 1 & 2” (Erased Records)

He put out two EPs this year and they’re both really good, so I decided to put them both on the list. In fact, PT. 1 is number one on Anthony Valadez’s Top 10 albums this year.

10) Ben Khan “1992 EP” (Dirty Hit)

If you were to combine Jamie Lidell with Glass Animals and heavy beats, the result would be 1992 EP.