TOP 12 12″s of 2014

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Guys…I’ve literally been making year end lists of everything since mid-April. So, if you’re interested in the Top 8 L.A. Bathrooms where you can eat crayons in relative silence or Top 27 Curbs where the Red Parking Zone Paint has faded, send me an email and I’ll lace you up.

Anyhow, point is…since I been on a roll, I did a list of Top 10 Albums…then another list of Top 10 Albums and now I wanted to also share with you my annual list of my Top 12 12″s of the 2014.

Like the album stuff, it’s real personal like, I don’t pretend to think these are the unquestionable Best of the Best (although they might be.)

These are my favorite 12″s that moved me

1. Magic Mountain High – Tiny Breadcrumbs EP (Off Minor)

2. Waldemar Schwartz – Taza De Oro (Golf Channel)

3. Todd Osborn – Put Your Weight on It (Running Back)

4. Joel Hood – Gone (International Feel)

5. Los Porcos – Jesus Luvs U (Uber)

6. Lucretio – Do It Forever (Hypercolour)

7. The Black Madonna – Stay (Nite Owl Diner)

8. Telephones – Lotusland (Love on the Rocks)

9. AN-i – Kino-i (Cititrax)

10. House of Spirits – Holding On (Beats In Space)

11. 33-10-3402 – Mechanica II (ESP Institute)

12. Tom of England – 30,000 Women (STD Records)