Track Premiere: Paige Stark “Albatross”

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L.A. based musical multi-hyphenate Paige Stark is most often associated with bands that make pretty songs, but with a bit of a noisy edge. Her own band Tashaki Miyaki traffics in a dreamy, modern shoegaze sound, and she’s produced the likes of Cherry Glazerr and L.A. Witch in the past.

With “Albatross” – the first single from her forthcoming solo debut – she’s taken a much more straightforward approach in both her songwriting and performance. The result is a song that’s no less dreamy than anything she’s performed in the past, but gives off an almost rootsy feel. The melody is wistful, and the lyrics will tug at your heartstrings in the most subtle of ways. The instrumental break down that serves as the bridge is among the most lovely pieces of music that I’ve heard so far this year. I wish we didn’t have to wait until at least Spring of 2019 for the full album, but I suppose that does make the saying about the best things in life being worth the wait ring truer than ever.

Carousel/Album Art Image: Charlotte Linden Ercoli, Feature Image: Julia Brokaw