Track Premiere: The Gloomies “DFIL”

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Southern California-based duo The Gloomies have been making music together since 2013; and over these past five years they’ve crafted and honed a delicious sound that very much encapsulates the environs in which it was made. Listening to their new single “DFIL” the phrase that came to mind to describe it was ‘haunted surf rock’, but I immediately had the sneaking suspicion that I’ve written that about them before. I haven’t been able to confirm this so let’s just say that I have and I 100 percent stand by that statement.

Given the fact that these guys have been working together for such a relatively long time, and that their sound is so well established, it’s nearly impossible to believe that they are just now on the cusp of releasing their debut full length Romance. That is the case though, and we are absolutely stoked to offer you the first listen to one of the album’s stand out tracks “DFIL” (don’t fall in love).

Andy and Chris who comprise the Gloomies had this to say about how the track came together:

“DFIL began as a loop with the chorus repeating, and eventually turned into the pendulum swing of what relationships can be like.”

Romance is due out on 7/13/18 via Thrill Me Records.