Trevor Jackson’s FORMAT project available in every format you could want

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Consistently inimitable and difficult to define, producer Trevor Jackson has lived many lives in dance music culture for decades via his Output Recordings,  The Underdog, and Playgroup aliases. Jackson was/and continues to be not only a fantastic recording artist but also a subcultural engineer.

His work as an artist has arguably ushered in the genre “electroclash,” which gave birth to a slew of talent and labels currently shaking things up. And as a curator of truly exquisite mixes, Jackson sheds a light on the electro and industrial music classics that made what is now possible. He is a man determined to remind us that the immediate does not exist in a vacuum, but it is all rooted in something else.

Earlier this year, Jackson created an ambitious work called FORMAT” that is essentially multi-format concept album/art project paying tribute to the various formats that music has been available on pre-mp3/streaming. The series of 12 tracks are each available solely on 12″, 10”, 7”, CD, Mini CD, Cassette, USB, VHS, Mini Disc, DAT, 8-track and Reel-to-Reel.

The project was exhibited and the limited runs of objects were sold via The Vinyl Factory, with the long term intention of release as an album which is now available on vinyl and as a … download.

The collection is a dizzying set of tracks that hint at and pay tribute to everything from ambient to techno, electro to house and everything in between. Well worth seeking out in each format, or whatever is most convenient here.