Tropicália Festival

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Now a’days, “Festival Season,” seems to be a year round thing – 1 day, large scale, festival style productions… and I ain’t complainin’!

This Saturday, Tropicália comes to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. And with it; one solidly eclectic line up, an unconventional host in the form of comedian Felipe Esparza, and ALL YOU CAN EAT TACOS!!

Yes, with the price of admission you can stuff your sweet festival going face with carne and tortillas until you explode. It’s a novel concept, and one that can only enhance the music. Agreed?

Now, let’s talk line up because it runs the gamut of tastes so eclectic even MBE might say, “this is too eclectic.”

You’ve got Reggaeton songstress, Ivy Queen, Cumbia giants Sonora Dinamita, angst ridden King Krule, Genuwine’s sexy ass, Café Tacvba’s alternative rock, and Los Tigres del Norte closing it all out with their unique brand of Norteño. #mindf*ck

See what I mean? On paper it looks funky. But… I think in this youtube, single driven, post Napster world of ours plenty of people exist who feel like these are all their favorite bands, and this is the greatest lineup ever. And for that we applaud the bookers of Tropicália. It’s a risk that is proving to pay off, since tickets are nearly sold out.

I can’t wait to see it all go down. At the very least, it’s gonna be a great place to people watch. That I know for sure.

Here’s a playlist to get you primed and ready.

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(Cafe Tacuba carousel photo: Ruy Landa)