TUFT – “Stills”

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Watchers of LA’s local scene are well aware of Hi Ho Silver Oh, who have been making pop noises around town for a number of years. They have now reconfigured themselves as a trio called TUFT and together, Casey, Kevin & Roxy continue the never-ending search for the perfect chord.


TUFT will offer up their self-release debut album, Look Look, on April 8, but for the time being they give us a taste to whet our appetite.  The album’s first single, “Stills,” grooves along nicely with the drive of indie-rock’s 90s-era heyday, with additional sonic layers akin to Autolux and a manic energy that reminds me of Cold War Kids.  In the band’s own words: ‘“Stills” is about looking for the value in nostalgia or in the past in general. How as you get older and build up more memories tied to different people and places and emotions, it can get harder to look forward and see an untainted future. It’s a song that we really open up and improvise on when we play live. The sound is in the world of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the Kinks, and has some post-rock influence.’

Proof positive there is always something worth looking forward to!