Garth Trinidad: Until we meet again

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I've loved every minute...

Thank you KCRW for welcoming me with open arms 27 years ago. A lifetime of marvelous moments recorded onto the records, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs, and WAVs of my memory, gently gathered up as I depart. The symbiotic relationship we shared was extraordinary. It’s simply time for me to chase some other dreams.

Thank you dear listeners for allowing me to share wondrous and profound possibilities of rhythm and sound. Although blending and bending sonic galaxies is a delightful, personal therapy, know that it’s always been about you. From the beginning, a demonstration of my love for you.

Thank you artists, producers, labels, and record promo gurus around the world for creating and distributing the kind of music that generates that sublime spark of joy, my reason to share. My support is undying.

Thank you to every single person that ever sat across from me in the studio, so graciously giving your time to record playlists, field calls, keep me company, bring me cookies, etc. Know that each one of you inspired me in your own way and I am ever grateful for your service.

And finally, to my KCRW DJ fam — words can’t cover it, but... You are the very heart and soul of KCRW. You are a perpetual gift to Los Angeles, intrinsic to its identity and iconography. You outfit the city with style and sophistication, and your names are known and regarded around the world. You electrify, intrigue, even save lives. All it takes is one note, one lyric, one break. Whether passed on, let go, retired, still in the mix, or just getting started, your value is immeasurable and I love you all like crazy.

For now, I’m taking a well-earned extended vacay, exploring what’s next in my journey to self love and actualization. I am evolving.

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The early years

Garth Trinidad Chocolate City DJ Garth Trinidad. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.) Photo by Cary Sullivan

Late one night circa early 90's while hard at work on a school project my phone rang. On the line a dear friend and fellow music nerd urged me to stop whatever I was doing and turn the radio dial to 89.9 FM. My life would never be the same. At the time, my sights were set on a career in visual art but I was determined to be part of KCRW somehow. I volunteered, serving as front desk clerk, data entry staff, studio production assistant etc. The Deejays took me in without reservation. I was lovingly mentored by Liza Richardson, Tom Schnabel, and Jason Bentley, soaking up radio wisdom and knowledge as I got my bearings. I was given a late night weekend air shift in 1996 and dubbed the program "Chocolate City". What a tremendous blessing it's been to share so much incredible music from around the world and make passionate friends with the opportunity I was given. My joy is immeasurable and my gratitude is infinite!

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Great in-studio performance

Little Dragon with Garth by Jeremiah Garcia Little Dragon with Garth Trinidad. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.) Photo by Jeremiah Garcia

KCRW's Apogee Sessions are the stuff of legend and I've had the pleasure of hosting my fair share – Miguel, Nas & Damian Marley et al. But my breath was taken away by Little Dragon's electrifying performance in that intimate, state of art recording studio. I'm pretty sure the band brought me to tears that evening.

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Favorite KCRW DJ gig

KCRW Summer Nights at the CAAM KCRW's Summer Nights at the California African American Museum. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.) Photo provided by CAAM

If I'm being forced to put it to a vote, KCRW Summer Nights at CAAM (The California African American Museum) go down in LA party history. There's no feeling quite like watching a thousand Angelenos do the electric slide during your set. The energy is glorious and symbiotic and there's nothing quite like that natural high.

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So long, friend: A message from Anne Litt

Garth Trinidad & KCRW DJs KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez, Anne Litt, Aaron Byrd, Garth Trinidad, and Raul Campos. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Garth has been my heart at KCRW since I met him 25 years ago. We’ve shared more than just music. We’ve grown up together, we’ve learned to be parents together. Hearing his voice on the air has always felt like a balm on my soul.

I’ll never forget my first show back at KCRW about 8 weeks after my son was born. It was the first time I had left him to go to the station. I was sitting on the top step leading down into our basement studios sobbing because I was sure that I was a bad mother for leaving my 8 week old with a babysitter. Garth, just days out from the birth of his son, sat down, put his arms around me, let me cry and shared his parenting wisdom from having two older children.

That is one of many stories I can share with you about this special human. I will miss his mixes and perspective on the air, but the good news is that our rag tag KCRW music crew will always be family. Garth, I have so much respect for your decision to pursue your next dreams. It’s not an easy one to make, but your KCRW fam will always be here cheering you on and celebrating your next chapter.

xx, Anne