Video Premiere: Azure Ray “Last Summer In Omaha”

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It’s been a minute – well actually six years – since we’ve gotten new music from the lovely collaboration of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, known as Azure Ray. That’s definitely too long to wait, but thankfully they’ve joined forces again to create the Waves EP which will be out tomorrow (!) October 26th on Taylor’s own imprint Flower Moon Records.

We’re beyond excited to offer you the first glimpse of that new EP as we premiere the video for the hauntingly beautiful “Last Summer In Omaha.”

The ladies of Azure Ray were kind enough to share with us an in depth glimpse of how the song and video came together:

“Last Summer in Omaha is a look back on a life. What was important, what wasn’t? When does our past stop defining us, and when is it time to step into a future that leaves it all behind? Nik Fackler (director) and Kat Fackler (producer and co-choreographer) interpreted the song beautifully with dancer Kyan Doubet giving a heartbreaking (and messy) performance on a dreary, rainy day in Omaha’s Neale Woods.”

Header Photo credit: Jess Ewald