Video Premiere: Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Fish in the Sea” (live in studio)

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You know how they say that if you like sausage you probably shouldn’t look too closely to see how the sausage is made? Well, thankfully music ain’t sausage, and instead it is a privilege to get to see how some of our favorite music makers weave their magic. Of course KCRW’s live MBE sessions are one good way to peek behind the curtain. But funky New Zealand-based collective Fat Freddy’s Drop have beaten us all to the punch with a new video capturing a rehearsal version of “Fish in the Sea” from their latest album, Bays. Named for the studio seen in the video, Bays is one of our favorites from the latter part of the year, so it is fun to see how the FFD gang put it all together via a couple of stationary camera set-ups and yes, a drone floating around the band.