Video Premiere: Peter Bjorn and John “Wrapped Around the Axle”

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Despite the spooky nature of the video, rest assured this is a Halloween treat, not a trick. Sweden’s finest Peter Bjorn and John have triumphantly returned with a new album, and we could not be more excited to share this hypnotic animation with you.

I’d elaborate further, but honestly the band did it so well themselves that I feel like all you need is to read this quote from them, and watch the video on an endless loop. Happy Halloween!

“Before making the Darker Days album it felt like our band had been stripped to the bone. What was left of us were three indie pop-skeletons. But believe it or not in the process of making the new album we all felt that we still have a lot of tricks and treats up our sleeves. Enjoy our first ever special Halloween music video. Peter Bjorn and John is dead. Long live Peter Bjorn and John!”

Photos by Johan Bergmark