Video Premiere: Suzanne Santo – “Ghost In My Bed”

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For the last 10 years Suzanne Santo has been the lead singer of the band HoneyHoney, but she’s recently stepped out on her own. Today we bring you a track from her first solo album, Ruby Red.

When I found out that Butch Walker produced this album I was thrilled. He has an ability to bring the best out of an artist, and the two of them have put together a record that is quite exciting. It has a charged Americana style, and is an album about living in today’s world surrounded by its accompanying soundtrack.

We’re proud to premiere the music video for Santos’ new single “Ghost in My Bed,” which drew me in with its cinematic scope and ability to bring the viewer into the story of the beginnings of a dysfunctional relationship.

Her strong vocals shine in this slightly dark and moody track, and you can check out the video premiere for yourself below.

(photos c/o: Marina Sanchez)