Waters: Local Band We Love

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WATERS are currently based in the Bay Area but since they are planning a move to LA this summer, I’m preemptively deeming them a local band!

I was sent their single “Got to My Head” and it’s a pop rush of a song.

Remember pixy stix? Imagining downing a few of those and then going for a run through a beautiful pasture. It has that exhilarating, high energy feel to it and as soon as I heard it once I was eager to hear it again.

Van Pierszalowski led the nautically-themed band Port O’Brien (check out their 2009 MBE appearance) and, after the band split, he finished school and decided to move forward as WATERS (sense a theme?)

As for the song’s inspirations, he says its “informed by an era of Alternative music where frenetic energy, pop hooks and a focused lyrical narrative could drive any young kid to start playing guitar.”

He’s got a full album in the works and plays School Night, a weekly residency curated by KCRW DJ Chris Douridas, on May 5.