Wavves: Local Band We Love

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wavves king of the beach_ – KCRW DJ Mario Cotto —

Nathan Williams is a good kid. He likes skateboarding, playing guitar and writing songs about getting high, girls, and being insanely bored.

Nathan Williams also is living the dream…because he is Wavves.

He gets to tour the world and ride his skateboard when he’s not playing his songs about getting high, girls, and being bored to excited fans. He (and his girlfriend, Bethany Cosentino aka Best Coast,  who happens to be a really rad girl who likes writing awesome songs about getting high and being boy crazy) writes super catchy, jangly pop tunes that are surf rock jams for kids who are too busy having a good time to bother surfing.

I met him once in a bar in Eagle Rock, and minutes into our hang, as a wobbly bargain bin copy of Metallica’s Kill’em All skipped in the background…he bought me and like 6 other people at the bar JagerBombs, and told me that I owe him one.

I’m so stoked to see him at FYFest next month and glad he put out a sweet new album on Fat Possum, called “King of the Beach.” Although the album art is a solid indicator of the wildness inside, check out “Take on the World.” (JagerBombs, not included.)