Week Ahead – Today’s Top Tune 1.9 – 1.13.17

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Today’s Top Tune turns to songs we may have missed in 2016. Starting with Nahko and Medicine for the People backed by a trio of harmonizing sisters, Joseph, who give us something to sing about. Hazel English recently performed on signature show MBE. Check out her live session! At 21, Lucy Dacus released an impressive debut last year. Morcheeba members enlist their family members on their new project SKYE | ROSS. And Electric Wire Hustle pays tribute to Prince.

Monday, January 9

Nahko and Medicine for the People: Directions (featuring Joseph) from HOKA
Similar to predecessors Ben Harper and Michael Franti, Portland artists Nahko and the Medicine People use their songs as catalysts for positive social and environmental messages. “Directions” features a stand-out band of 2016, Joseph, which turn the song into a stadium anthem calling for guidance.

Tuesday, January 10
Lucy Dacus: Green Eyes, Red Face from No Burden
Clocking many miles on the road, Lucy Dacus started playing out in clubs while in college in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. There she eventually met a guitarist who asked her to make a record for a college project. That project turned into her debut album which contains “Green Eyes, Red Face. ”

Wednesday, January 11
SKYE | ROSS: Light of Gold from their self-titled album
Morcheeba members Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey quietly launched a new project in the fall of 2016 they simply call SKYE | ROSS. Returning to their roots by enlisting family members to join them and recording most of their album at home, they to do what they do best, make music together. Here’s a slinky track called “Light of Gold.”

Thursday, January 12
Hazel English: Make It Better
An artist we’ve been keen on in 2016 is the inimitable Hazel English. The 25-year-old Oakland-based artist’s DIY style captured over a million Soundcloud plays before being signed to the prestigious Atlantic record label. “Make It Better” oozes with reverb and a sunny disposition.

Friday, January 13
Electric Wire Hustle: Red Window from The 11th Sky
Since its release last September, Garth Trinidad has been an avid supporter of Electric Wire Hustle’s mellow morsel “Red Window,” spinning it every chance he gets. The duo was inspired by Prince and wrote the song as an ode immediately after his untimely passing.