What Peaches has in common with Henry Rollins: Guest DJ set on MBE

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The pop provocateur dropped in on Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday (Nov. 17), to reveal some of the songs that made Peaches, well, Peaches. Note that her selection by the proto-punk rock band Suicide is also one of Henry Rollins’ faves from the group.

On top of that, Peaches — real name Merrill Nisker — shared some new jams that are rocking her current world.

Some songs were cut from the larger set list due to time restrictions, but you can hear every song below. And you wonder why these versions on the radio show are “clean?” Peaches is one of the most politically and delightfully naughty artists to-date, but MBE can’t be rocking the boats at the FCC, you know.

Here is Peaches’ MBE guest DJ set:

“Man-Size” – PJ Harvey
“Rocket USA” – Suicide
“My Love Will Never Die” – Diamanda Galas
“Moody” – ESG
“Never” – Micachu and the Shapes
“Lizzie Borden” [Clean] – Lizzo
“Slide” [Clean] – Missy Elliott
“Ritual Union” – Little Dragon
“Declare Independence” – Bjork
“Hellifornia” – Gesaffelstein
“I Feel Love” – Donna Summer

Jason Bentley spun Peaches’ song “I Mean Something” (which features Feist, one of Peaches’ former roommates and collaborators) in celebration of her guest DJ set. The brand-spanking new video is below.