White Denim: Artist You Should Know

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My Morning Jacket’s benefit show for KCRW, nothing would satisfy my ears but some loud guitars. I was in the rock zone and electro/folk/chillwave/etc… just wasn’t gonna cut it.

Luckily, my buddy Forest Casey recommended I listen to White Denim. I had heard great reviews about their last album “Fits” and their live shows.  I also knew DJs Liza Richardson and Dan Wilcox were fans. But I wasn’t prepared for how great “D” is. (it also helps that they’re from Austin, where I went to college solely because it was called the “live music capital of the world” )

White Denim – Drug by WhiteDenim

My significant other loves prog rock and we’ve had some trouble finding common ground in that area, but White Denim might have saved us.  I’m not going to waste any more words talking about why its good – just listen, the music speaks for itself. (and check out Dan Wilcox’s excellent review of their live show)