Why Henry Rollins Loves J Mascis

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KCRW is streaming the new solo album by Dinosaur Jr’s  J Mascis as part of our Album Preview series and when we were looking for a DJ to do a write up, we knew it had to be Henry Rollins.

Weeks ago he premiered a song of the album that he himself had procured, so it was clear he was exciting about the impending release of “Several Shades of Why” on Sub Pop.

From Henry:

“When so many others with multiple releases behind them have resorted to merely stringing riffs together, making records that are a chore to get through, J is still doing the hard work of writing real songs. “Several Shades of Why” is a beautiful piece of work. J remains emotionally brave enough to put down lyrics that lay it all out there and musically he’s still getting down the road, not sitting still.

I have been a fan of Dinosaur Jr. and J since 1986 or so. I have seen the band and the man play as often as possible. Later this year, I will be going to a week’s worth of Dinosaur Jr. shows where the band will be playing their Bug album in its entirety. I can’t wait. I am very happy about the new J record. I have listened to it a few times now and am astonished at how he keeps finding it. Songwriters like J are at this point, exceedingly rare.”

Read Henry’s full write up and stream the album in its entirety here. The album will be out on March 15.

Several Shades of Why” Track listing:

1. Listen To Me

2. Several Shades of Why

3. Not Enough

4. Very Nervous and Love

5. Is It Done

6. Make It Right

7. Where Are You

8. Too Deep

9. Can I

10. What Happened