Why Henry Rollins Loves Thee Oh Sees

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On Saturday, I got a text from a friend at the Outside Lands music festival which simply said:

Thee Oh Sees — amazing live”.

Then, later that day, Henry Rollins proceeded to play their entire new album on his radio show. So I reached out and asked him, what’s so special about this band?

Here it is, straight from Henry:

Thee Oh Sees are one of my happy place bands. I can listen to any one of their records and feel better. Their new album “Putrifier II is a testament to just how damn good a songwriter John Dywer is.

Consistently, over John’s many incarnations, Coachwhips, Pink and Brown, OCS, etc., it’s always been a great, analog, guitar heavy experience I find quite to my liking.

Another good thing is–there’s a lot of it. John always seems to be making a new record. Quite the win-win situation. It is a very garage oriented, indie thing he does and it’s extremely unpretentious as it is well done

I became a fan of his many years ago when someone gave me a copy of a record he did with the Coachwhips called “Double Death”. Since then, I have been checking out every release and it’s all good as they say. “Putrifier II” is a great introduction to John and his music. You can start there and check out the rest with great recklessness.

Hear a sample below with “So Nice” and stream Henry’s Saturday show right here. The band will be playing the El Rey on September 9.

so nice (rough cut) by Thee Oh Sees