Wild Nothing: Artist You Should Know

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From DJ Mario Cotto:

You know how everybody’s talking about Inception and dreams? Well, a little while back I wrote about how “chillwave” is essentially just dream-pop and how The Radio Dept. is a great example of a band being all super dreamy and awesome…Now, friends, if you will, I’d like you to turn your attention to a similarly super dreamy and awesome artist called, Wild Nothing.

Wild Nothing — “Chinatown”

Although they perform as a band, Wild Nothing is essentially 22-year-old  Virginia native Jack Tatum. Last fall he released a couple of stunning 7”s on Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks label, one of which was a Kate Bush cover (“Cloudbusting”) and the other, “Summer Holiday,” has as lush a B-side as I’ve heard in a loooooong time called “Vultures Like Lovers.” A REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS B-SIDE!

Earlier this summer, Captured Tracks released Wild Nothing’s debut, “Gemini” to rave blog and Pitchfork reviews…and I understand it’s easy to shrug off albums that get such fawning acclaim coming out the gate, because you feel like “really, dude?…since sliced bread? AGAIN?”

But this artist, the singles, and the debut album have got legs. “Gemini” is perfectly balanced, love-lorn and dreamy. It’s as chiaroscuro as it’s mind-boggling cover and has the comforting sadness of a last kiss or the setting sun.

Although it came out a minute ago, this album (and band) go deep and will make for good listening through the end of summer and far into the winter months.


wild nothingWild Nothing
(Captured Tracks)

1. Live in Dreams
2. Summer Holiday
3. Drifter
4. Pessimist
5. O, Lilac
6. Bored Games
7. Confirmation
8. My Angel Lonely
9. The Witching Hour
10. Chinatown
11. Our Composition Book
12. Gemini