Woolfy VS Projections: Artist You Should Know

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Beardo disco dude Woolfy is a local scene stalwart. Since the late 90s Simon James has been one of the pioneers of the underground disco movement since it’s nascent years when Rong and DFA were boutique labels putting out weirdo disco and no wave before dance-punk was hipster de rigeur.

A walking, talking argument for quality versus quantity, Woolfy doesn’t have a discography typical of an artist making music for a decade and a half long, however, his output has been stellar. And his earlier collaboration with the mysterious Projections, 2008’s “The Astral Projections of Starlight” was a truly lovely space disco concept worthy of it’s own B-movie.

Here’s “Neeve” off “Astral Projections of Starlight“:

Their follow-up to that record, “The Return of Love” which comes out on Permanent Vacation in August is a bona fide stunner.

A conceptual sequel to “Astral Pojections…,” it follows the Captain from the first record on his voyage home to Earth to find his lost love.

Flawlessly splitting the difference between yacht rock and space disco, it is a work that pays homage to its cosmic roots and 70s AM gold while playing with a Scandanavian disco model that has made household names out of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas.

It is romantic and heady and lushly executed stuff…and the album features one of the most beautifully produced tracks I’ve heard all year, “Cellophane”. Chuggy disco bass and drums collide with airy synths and beachy guitar riffs while Woolfy repeats rather longingly, “Return to me…you’re the one worth saving that’s why I’m giving you love.”

It is intimately epic, like some whisper in your ear as you look into the infinity of a nebula through the Hubble telescope.

Return to Woolfy VS Projections…your love won’t be in vain.

— Mario Cotto