Young Athletes League: Artist You Should Know

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From our NYC correspondent DJ Jason Eldredge:

Young Athletes League copyUK electro-duo Young Athletes League might not be the first release one would expect to come out of a apartment-based upstart record label from Brooklyn, but that’s exactly what they are. Working predominately in London, the band is the first signing to a new vinyl/digital boutique label called Ceremony. Synths, loops and digitized vocals abound on their debut EP, which came out at the end of last month.

Built like an even lower lo-fi Crystal Castles, there’s something endearing about the purposefully striped-down production quality, which makes an otherwise artificiality of sounds seem somehow more human and real.

Check out “Monaco Sunglasses,” streaming below, containing a multi-layering of crescendos and a fullness of loops that somehow maintains the band’s charming sparseness.

— Jason Eldredge