Zella Day: Local Artist We Love

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Zella Day was raised in a small mountain town of Arizona and started her music career performing covers of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Bobby Darin in a coffee shop owned by her parents.

Cut to 2014. She now lives in Los Angeles and has a debut EP set for release via B3SCI (Jungle/Misun) in mid-August.

Jason Bentley instantly gravitated towards her first single “Sweet Ophelia” and we’re thrilled to debut her latest track –“East of Eden”.

As Jason says, “it’s just something that pops. Both of the songs I’ve heard sound bright and well arranged.”

She only has a couple tracks out, but it’s clear Zella is a well-formed artist with a charming take on electro pop and soaring choruses that are hard to forget.

No LA dates planned yet, but looking forward to seeing her live.