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Fool’s Gold co-founders Lewis Pesacov and Luke Top lead this open-ended music collective which, on occasion, has grown to more than a dozen members.  The LA-based collective weaves Western pop aesthetics with African rhythms and melodies in a wholly compelling and distinctive fashion.  After two years of non-stop touring around the world with their acclaimed self-titled album, the band has evolved into a solid five-piece unit.  They are back with a new record, Leave No Trace, which features a tighter sound, adding elements of 80s New Wave and indie pop to their familiar African-influenced vibe.  More personal and nuanced, this new album declares Fool’s Gold as one of the leaders of an increasingly potent local LA scene.

-- Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW DJ and Music Librarian

Leave No Trace will be available to stream on demand from August 8 through September 4, 2011. The album will be released August 16, 2011.


Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold

THU OCT 29, 2009
Enjoy Fool's Gold unusual combination of Hebrew lyrics with exciting African rhythms.

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Track listing
1. The Dive
2. Wild Window
3. Street Clothes
4. Leave No Trace
5. Balmy
6. Narrow Sun
7. Tel Aviv
8. Mammal
9. Bark and Bite
10. Lantern