KCRW Broadcast 421: Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye Look Back

Fanatic! Remember last week when we had no songs listed because we wanted the facts to let themselves be known as they were happening? Have you ever seen a sentence that ran on that badly? What? Like so many others I’ve written? I’m sure you’re right. Anyway, Fanatic, this show is going to be a great one as our guest will be the one and only Ian MacKaye.

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Host Henry Rollins and Guest DJ Ian MacKaye

We were on the phone a few weeks ago and he asked if we could do a show together while he was in Los Angeles. You might remember, we’ve done this before and it’s always a good time. Ian got to work putting together the music. He sent me the tracks several days ago and they’re all great. I asked him why he chose these particular ones. He told me they were from bands we saw at shows together. This should be great for excellent music and good stories.

I hope you had a chance to catch last week’s show with Mr. Seymour Stein. What a great guy. I still can’t believe he was on the show!

If at all possible, try to catch Ian and I on this show coming up. He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and has an incredible memory, so it should be another great one.

Here is the information for the record Larry Hardy and I have been waiting to release for months. RSD is upon us and here is what the two of us have ready for you: PURE HELL

Thanks in advance and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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