Henry Rollins and John Dwyer premiere Oh Sees newest album "Face Stabber"

John Dwyer and Henry Rollins. Credit: Chuck P.

Fanatic! Looks like everything is in place. We've got great sounding hi-res Oh Sees tracks ready to rock at 8 pm. We will be playing the new Oh Sees Face Stabber album in its entirety. It came out last Friday, so if you find yourself digging it extra immensely, you can find it right now.

To my knowledge, there's a few color variants. There's the two at the Castle Face site right now; the Blood In Your Eyeball and Blue Nebula, and in the UK, there was a small run of red and orange.

I have yet to hear this one on vinyl. Can't wait. Like all Oh Sees releases, it's the vinyl that really flat gets it.

It should be a great show. Please tune in if you can!

Rock the jam session and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry