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Are you kidding? This might be one of the bestest examples of sonic supremacy we have ever assembled!
Immediately, check out track one and the disc it came in on. This is a great compilation called Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978, released on Now-Again. It’s a great one! Hats off to the label for digging deep and coming up with this one. You can find it at the Stones Throw site, stonesthrow.com.
What’s this jam from Haiti hitting two tracks later? It’s from the monster-sized Alan Lomax recorded box set Alan Lomax In Haiti. I am only ankle deep into this ten CD  collection and so far, it’s been a beautiful thing. Here’s the info on the box, very interesting: http://www.harterecordings.com/haiti.html. This is an incredible release. I was so happy when it arrived the other day. I have a long way to go as to getting deeper into it and I will put more tracks on the show as we go.
New Sun Ra re-release Space Probe just out, a track from that is on tonight. X and I were conferring the other night and thought that it would be a good idea to do at least two or more all Sun Ra shows later this year. Oh, we’re on that. What until you hear the title track of this album, Fanatic. I think you’re going to dig it.
Slim Harpo lays one of the coolest vocals ever later on in our show and a little later, we play a track from a long out of print Julius Hemphill album called Dogon A.D. It’s not easy to find but if you look around, maybe just maybe, you might be able to download it for free. A great one.
Death plays 02-26-11 at The Echo. Check here for more information: http://www.laweekly.com/2011-02-24/music/page-two-night-of-the-living-death/. Yet another track from their very cool album For All The World To See is unleashed tonight.
From Death to Boris, it’s all good, all night long. We will be live and denigrating the good name of tha K as best we can, Engineer X, The Double B and myself, your Fanatic-In-Chief.
Listen up and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. Panbers – Haai / Those Shocking, Shaking Days
02. Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song / Nothing's Shocking
03. Surprise Jazz – Gonaives / Alan Lomax In Haiti
04. Sun Ra - Dance Of The Wind / Space Probe
05. 1/2 Japanese - I Want Something New / :30 Over DC
06. Jane Birkin - Banana Boat / Di Doo Dah
07. The Buttocks – Kreatur / Law And Order
08. Chuck Berry - Havana Moon / Greatest Hits
09. Glenn Branca - Structure / The Ascension
10. Minutemen – Issued / The Punch Line
11. Funkadelic - Super Stupid / Maggot Brain
12. Alan Vega / Marc Hurtado – It / Sniper
13. Matt Payne - Of Arranger / Matt Payne EP
14. The Fontaine Toups – Sister / TFT
15. The Adverts - Back From The Dead / Singles Collection
16. Casual Dots  - Mama's Gonna Make Us A Cake / Casual Dots
17. Hawkwind - Lord Of Light (single version) / Doremi Fasol Latido
18. Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee (Single Version) / Sings Raining In My Heart
19. The Gun Club - Nobody's City / Mother Juno
20. Betty Davis - Walkin Up The Road / Betty Davis
21. Julius Hemphill – Rites / Dogon A.D.
22. Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra - Byala Stala / Orpheus Ascending
23. Death – Where Do We Go From Here / For All The World To See
24. Tirogo – Ajufo / Float
25. Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine / Trash Box
26. David Thomas - Coffee Train / Monster Walks The Winter Lake
27. Boris - Laser Beam / Smile