KCRW Broadcast 116



Soon, we could all be dead, blah-blah-blah.


I am sure you’re as tired of all this as I am. This whole rapture thing, so silly, I can’t even bring myself to capitalize the word. Still though, it made for a great show idea. Tonight’s show is rapturistic as I am sure you have noticed.

As you listen to this, I am in the air on my way to Seoul, South Korea. From there, I will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. I am so happy to be getting back to Vietnam. It’s one of my favorite places. I am still working on the Nat. Geo. shoots. We have weeks to go and many miles to cover before we wrap out of this one.


I will be gone for a couple of weeks. Engineer X and I put together some shows that I think you’re really going to like, so please listen if you can.


I will be sending messages back to you via the Twitter. Things will be interesting to say the least. It’s always interesting when National Geographic is involved.


Remember, we’ve got Dax Riggs coming to town in June, so let’s pack the Echo.


For those of you with any trepidation as to what will be on this day, don’t worry. I will singlehandedly keep the world from being engulfed in flame. Glad to help.


Ok, you sinners, I hope you enjoy this rapturous show. Rock the jam session and STAY FANATIC!!! 




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01. Blondie – Rapture / single


02. Ramones - Glad to See You Go / Leave Home


03. Robert Johnson - If I Had Possession Over Judgment

Day / Complete


04. Kiss - Heaven's On Fire - Animalize


05. Pure Hell - Noise Addiction / Noise Addiction


06. Dio - The Last in Line / The Last In Line


07. Flower Travellin' Band - Heaven And Hell / Made

In Japan


08. Swans – Heaven / Greed


09. The Rolling Stones – Heaven / Tattoo You


10. Jah Stitch – Judgment / Original Ragga Muffin

(1975 -77)


11. Iggy & The Stooges - Your Pretty Face Is Going

To Hell / Raw Power


12. The Last Poets - This Is Madness - Chant / This

Is Madness


13. Dax Riggs - Scarlett Of Heaven Nor Hell / We Sing

Of Only Blood Or Love


14. Holland - Rapture Is Ready / The Paris Hilton



15. Slayer – Jihad / Christ Illusion


06. Hafíz Kani Karaca - Hashr (The Banishment) / The Music

Of Islam, Volume 10


17. Diamanda Galás - Judgment Day / The Singer


18. VA - Allah Emrin Tutalim - Rahmetine Batalim /

The Music Of Islam, Volume 14


19. Roky Erickson - Don't Shake Me Lucifer / The Evil



20. Lucifer - On Your Mark / Lucifer


21. Comets On Fire - Holy Teeth / Avatar


22. Elder Otis Jones - Holy Mountain / American Primitive

Vol. 1


23. Sleep - Holy Mountain / Sleep's Holy Mountain


24. Curtis Mayfield - Make Me Believe In You / Sweet