KCRW Broadcast 119


It is 1600 hrs. PST. I am in Los Angeles, in the back of a taxi, speeding back to the office. I am in the third day of next to no sleep. I don’t know what is keeping me up. I got a few hours in the early part of last Thursday but that’s about it.
I went from India to the Bonaroo Festival where I was onstage last night. I met Cheech Marin and Louis Black there, they were very cool. The show was good, the audience was great.
I have done seven flights in the last few days and I am a little all over the place. Tomorrow night’s show is partially done. I will get it finished tomorrow, Saturday.
I am going to try to sleep for a few hours and then drag myself to see Dax Riggs tonight. I am making the show, make no mistake but I will be better off if I can get my head down for a little while.
I will post the set list on my site tomorrow afternoon. I am afraid the LA Weekly and KCRW sites will only have these abbreviated notes.
I can promise you the show will have a lot of Dax in it and perhaps something I hear tonight will take tomorrow night’s show in an interesting direction.
I am sorry I didn’t have all the songs together but the Nat Geo shoots really took it out of all of us and the flights were very long. It will be a good one.
Some of you, I will see in a few hours at the show so get ready to get down and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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