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We have put together a stellar play list for you to check out tonight.
It took me a long time to like the Back In The USA album by the MC5. It wasn’t that the songs weren’t great, they are, it was always the production that bugged me. I wished they could have had the sound of their third album, High Time on this one. Producer Jon Landau effectively neutered the songs in the studio. Perhaps he was attempting to get the band on the radio? I don’t know. Great songs laid low by sterile production. Listen around it.
New in our line up is Au Ras Au Ras, a band headed up by Tess Brunet, who you may know from the We Are Night Sky album by Deadboy and the Elephantmen. Here’s a video, slightly dated but well done, that will give you some insight into what she’s up to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1028425469/debut-lp-stochasticity-from-au-ras-au-ras.
I got a lot of letters about the Tinariwen record, Fanatics wanted to hear more of it, so of course, we put another song into the play list.
If you notice way down the list, we re-visit the Sway Machinery record, I am really liking that one. We get into another live Dax Riggs track from the files kindly sent in by a Fanatic weeks ago. Tonight, Dax tackles a Pixie song and does it well. He seems to move into other people’s music completely when he covers a song. The Cramps check in with a live cover of Green Fuz, live from the City Gardens in Trenton NJ. I think you can still download that one for free from the internet.
All in all, a great show that I hope you will enjoy. Remember, Los Angeles area folks, The Stooges are coming to the Palladium September 7. I have not seen Iggy play there for twenty years. Last time I did, I was standing next to Lux and Ivy!
Stay cool and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf / Master of Reality
02. MC5 - The American Ruse / Back In The USA
03. The Stooges - Down On The Street / Fun House
04. Devo - The Super Thing / New Traditionalists
05. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks / The Undertones
06. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues / Vincebus Eruptum
07. Bernie Torme - Street Fighter / Vortex Live
08. Curtis Mayfield - Underground / Love
09. Au Ras Au Ras - When The Night Arrives / Au Ras Au Ras
10. Tinariwen - Imidiwan Ma Tennam / Tassili
11. Thee Oh Sees - Blood On The Deck / Castlemania
12. Slim Gaillard - Slim's Jam / 1945 Vol. 2
13. Acid King – Motorhead / Busse Woods
14. Sun Ra - The Eternal Sphynx / Crystal Spears
15. Jack Holt - Moonshine Still / Compated Cats - Volume 01
16. Discharge - It's No T.V. Sketch / Clay Punk Singles
17. David Bowie - Up The Hill Backwards / Scary Monsters
18. Louis Jordan - Beans And Corn Bread / Decca Recordings
19. King Sunny Ade - Da Mi Lola / Classics Volume 6
20. Television - See No Evil / Marquee Moon
21. Chain And The Gang  - (I've Got) Privilege / Music's Not For Everyone
22. Chiefs - Knocked Out / Holly-West Crisis
23. Boozoo Chavis - Forty One Days / Boozoo Chavis
24. The Sway Machinery Feat. Khaira Arby - Sourgou / The House Of Friendly Ghosts, Vol. 1
25. Dax Riggs - Wave Of Mutilation (live 01-08-04) / CDR
26. The Cramps - Green Fuz / City Gardens 1981
27. The Fall - Green Eyed Loco Man / The Real New Fall Album
28. Zach Hill - Green Bricks / Face Tat