KCRW Broadcast 13

Fanatics! A lot of new bands and first time plays tonight. You have to check out track two tonight, it’s a recording I made 23 years ago off the radio in Washington DC. I have hours of radio on tape and CD. This particular track we’re hearing tonight is from a show that Ian turned me onto back then. JJ Starr was the host and a couple of times a night, he let people call in and leave their name and he would read them on the air over music. It became wildly popular. If you listen closely, check out the names these people are leaving! Tonight, we are playing the first few minutes of an almost 9 minute continuous roll call. Also, I believe a first on radio, is a track from Blake Perlman. Blake plays frequently in Los Angeles and has at least two dates coming up in June. She’s playing at the Mint on the 2nd and at Hotel Café on the 4th. I am not sure if I have ever played Elvis Costello on our show. I have some of his records, not all of them or even close but the ones I have, like Punch The Clock, I really like, so we’re checking out some of that tonight. The Ben Simmons track is incredible, in fact, the album the track comes from, Living Is Hard is really worth checking out. I think I have played the Four Plugs track at least four times now. I have looked all over the internets and all I have been able to find is other people trying to get any information on the band. So far, I don’t know anything more about them than I ever have. What a song! As soon as I saw there was a new release by Kid Congo, I went right for it. The list of records he’s been on is intense. From the Cramps to the Gun Club to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, it’s all good as they say. His new release is very cool. The Amazements are from LA and sent me their record a couple of weeks ago. I like it a lot. One of the more interesting records I have heard in a little while is this one by Motorik called Klang!. Bass ace Holly Deye turned me onto them several weeks ago. I think you can get the record on the Amazon.com. If you check out the list of songs for tonight, there’s a lot of new releases and fairly unfamiliar songs mixed in with the sounds you know a little better, hopefully well all stay a little off balance and interested in our short time together and not too worn out by that devastating Puppies track, it definitely gets to me. Next week’s show is going to be heapin’ helpin’s of good stuff, including two of the most incredible, mind melting jams of all time, Hendrix and Coltrane are involved, you know it’s going to be just what the Fanatic ordered! I hope you dug the show tonight, I think it’s good one and I hope it didn’t make you too crazy. Next week chop down mountains with edge of our hand but until then, STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

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01. Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size / Nothing's Shocking
02. JJ Starr - WOL Roll Call / air tape
03. Eddie Gale - Fulton Street / Ghetto Music
04. Blake Perlman – Loser / CDR
05. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The Greatest Thing / Punch The Clock
06. Ben Simmons – Untitled / Living Is Hard - West African Music In Britain 1927-1929
07. GAM - Demons / Eiszeit
08. Joseph Spence - Out On The Rolling Sea / Happy All The Time
09. Olympic Death Squad - Sometimes I Can Breathe / Blue
10. Meat Puppets S.K.A. / Sewn Together
11. The Four Plugs - Wrong Treatment / single
12. Death - Freakin Out / ...For The World To See
13. Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds – LSDC / Dracula Boots
14. The Amazements – Pillage / Sticky Rubies
15. Minor Threat - Screaming at a Wall / Complete Discography
16. Jay Reatard - Screaming Hand / Matador Singles '08
17. Viletones - Screamin' Fist / A Taste Of Honey
18. Motorik - Or So I Thought / Klang!
19. Kawabata Makoto - Love Gun / Psychedelic Noise Freak
20. Archie Shepp – Shazam / The Magic Of Ju-Ju
21. The Tuff Monks - After the Fireworks / single
22. Past Lives - Strange Symmetry / Strange Symmetry
23. The Sounds - Charlie Chan / My Doo-Wop Collection Series Vol. 2
24. Cabaret Voltaire - News From Nowhere / The Voice Of America
25. The Saints - Wild About You / (I'm) Stranded
26. The Puppies - I'll Kick Your Ass / The Puppies
27. The Sisterhood Of Convoluted Thinkers - Ami-Chan, Mai-Chan / Ume Sour