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If I was going to be in town, I would be there for sure but I will be in Haiti.
If you notice, our show tonight has a lot of Stooges and a good dose of Haitian jams as well. The Alan Lomax recorded box set of music from Haiti is our source. What a set. It’s a lot of music and it’s going to be awhile before I am conversant in this one but I will have it as my soundtrack for my time in Haiti. Here’s information on this amazing set:
I hope you get a chance to see the Stooges when they come to town. I saw them earlier this year and they were great. James Williamson so great live.
Remember, we will be in the 8-10 pm time slot starting on September 10th.
I hope you enjoy this mix of jams.
Listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power / Raw Power
02. The Bad Brains – I / Banned In D.C.
03. Arnold & Saul - Padon, Padon, Map Mande Padon / Alan Lomax In Haiti
04. Doctor Mix And The Remix - No Fun (single A side mix) / Wall Of Noise
05. The Saints - This Perfect Day / Tales From The Australian Underground
06. Skullbot - Agent / Skullbot
07. Iggy & The Stooges - I'm Sick Of You / Anthology Box - The Stooges & Beyond
08. Dax Riggs - Forgot I Was Alive / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
09. Billy Eckstine - I Left My Hat In Haiti / Everything I Have Is Yours
10. Joey Ramone - 1969 / Don't Worry About Me
11. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (single vers.) / Stooges
12. Suicide - I Remember / Suicide
13. Alphonse, Group Of Haitian Men & Women - Dous-o, Dous-o / Alan Lomax In Haiti
14. The Teen Idles - No Fun / Flex Your Head
15. DEVO - Time Out For Fun / Oh No! It's Devo
16. Brigitte Fontaine - Tanka I / Comme A La Radio
17. Iggy & The Stooges - Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell / Raw Power
18. The Damned - Turkey Song / Machine Gun Etiquette
19. La Vern Baker - Voodoo Voodoo / Loud Fast & Out Of Control
20. The Birthday Party - Little Doll / 11-06-81 Eindhoven Holland
21. Gong - Gnome The Second / Camembert Electrique
22. Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee / Sings Raining In My Heart
23. Young Prisms – Breathless / Friends For Now
24. Butch Willis & The Rocks - I'll Never Be The Same Again / Repeats
25. Black Sabbath – Paranoid / Paranoid
26. True Widow – Duelist / True Widow
27. Staff Benda Bilili – Avramandole / Très Très Fort
28. Iggy & The Stooges - Tight Pants / Kill City
29. Boris - Woman On The Screen / Pink
30. The Horrors - Monica Gems / Skying
31. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - At The Ruin Of Others / Gorilla Rose
32. Roky Erickson - Starry Eyes / Don’t Slander Me