KCRW Broadcast 149


Sitting on the tour bus here in raining Wolverhampton UK. I am well into the Long March Tour and things are going well. I am sorry to put you Fanatics through a pre-taped show but we made them as fun as possible and have added the presence of the very talented Young Will Bentley into the mix, so hopefully, you will derive some enjoyment from all of this.

Tonight, being that I am in England, I thought it good that we should play a whole lotta music from England, so I set out to make a play list of songs to do just that. I don't there is anything on the menu tonight that will occur to you as unfamiliar, so while it's not the most exploratory gathering of tunes, they are great nonetheless. As to pioneering new sonic territory, we have plenty of time for that and you bet will be doing a lot that in 2012.

Like I said, shows have been going great. Audiences have been fantastic and the record stores well stocked. Have been finding some great and interesting things out here. I am working on new shows for us to dig in the afternoons before I have to get ready to hit stage. Engineer X, Will Bentley and I will put those together when I return to America in March.

The big London show looms and it's looking to be a stress producing sleepless wait to hit that stage tomorrow night. Once I am out there, I am fine, it's the hours leading up to it that are difficult. On our London guest list so far are TV Smith and Gaye Advert. Hopefully some Ruts will be showing up as well.

I have been getting a lot of letters asking me why I am not playing in their town. Only the first half or less of this very long tour have been booked, so hang in there and keep checking the site for updates. You know me by now, Fanatic—if there is a show to be done, I will do my best to do it. That's what it's all about.

Please enjoy this grouping of fine music and know that even though we can't be all together, live on the radio, our preferred mode, we do hope you tune in either live or archive and dig the jams.

Until next week, stay loose and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. The Clash - Gates of the West / Black Market Clash
02. The Ruts - West One (Shine On Me) / Punk Singles Collection
03. Cabaret Voltaire - Control Addict / The Living Legends
04. Reflections - 4 Countries / Messthetics #01
05. Empire - Hot Seat / Expensive Sound
06. Steve Treatment - Negative Nights II / 25 A-Sides
07. The Lurkers - Cyanide / God's Lonely Men
08. Gen X - Happy People / Kiss Me Deadly
09. UK Subs - Ice Age / Diminished Responsibility
10. The Lurkers - Cyanide (Pub Version) / Beggars Banquet Singles Collection
11. Joy Division - Something Must Break / Heart And Soul
12. The Fall - English Scheme / Grotesque
13. Buzzcocks - Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean) / Time's Up
14. Ludus - The Fool / The Damage
15. Gods Gift - People (7" version) / Pathology: Manchester 1979-1984
16. Hawkwind - Lord Of Light (single vers.) / Doremi Fasol Latido
17. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
18. Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) / Captain Beyond
19. Roxy Music - Chance Meeting / Roxy Music
20. David Bowie - Black Country Rock / The Man Who Sold The World
21. Nick Drake - Road / Pink Moon
22. Pink Fairies - City Kids / Kings Of Oblivion
23. Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love / BBC Sessions
24. Afflicted Man - Hippy-Skin / Afflicted Man's Musical Bag
25. Deep Purple - No One Came (Remix '96) / Fireball 25th Anniversary Ed.
26. The Door And The Window - Detailed Twang / Detailed Twang