KCRW Broadcast 15

Fanatics! What a week! It’s Friday afternoon and I just got back from the record store. There’s a thing that happens now and then here at the office. The office eats a CD. I looked high and low for my copy of the new Omar Souleyman album Dabke 2020 and couldn’t find it. I got so mad about the fact that the office was able to disappear the CD that I went to the record store to get another one. Of course, I know that I will find the other copy any minute now. Anyway, I am back with that album, the new Wolf Eyes retail album, Always Wrong as well as two Rolling Stones re-issues. The high point of the day so far has been opening a package that came in and finding the new Dinosaur Jr. album on LP and CD. Rockin’!!!! It’s called Farm and I am jamming it now as I write this. It’s a great one! I am going to both their shows in LA on the 22nd and 23rd of this month at the Troubadour. You know that place sells out fast, so if you want to get tickets, you might want to hurry. I was there for all three nights when they were there last time. Awesome!

As to what happened on our show last week, I have no idea what The K put on in our place and no one has written me about. Someone played some music, I guess? I hope it was ok for those of you who tuned in.

Whatever happened, it’s all behind us now and what’s important is our show tonight! We will start with THE AWESOME FACE MELTING GENIUS OF HENDRIX JAMMING VOODOO CHILE AT WOODSTOCK!!! I can’t hear this track without getting a little moist in the eyes. This is my favorite Jimi track and my favorite version of it. Also, new tracks from, Omar Souleyman, Dinosaur Jr., Fake Shark Real Zombie, Vieux Farka Touré, Wolf Eyes, Paul Murphy & Larry Willis as well as our normal all-over-the-place selections. We got a lot of letters about the Roll Call from DC radio and so I thought I would throw another into our mix tonight, this is one of the best, hope you like it. Also, check tonight’s Coltrane experience. Two words: Elvin Jones! What a drummer! Can you believe the power of these guys?!

Next week, more cool stuff so please tune in if you can and whenever possible, STAY FANATIC!!!  --Henry

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01. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Live At Woodstock
02. Asst. - WKYS Roll Call / taped off radio 1986
03. The Horrors - Mirror's Image / Primary Colours
04. Dinosaur Jr. - Over It / Farm
05. Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong / Always Wrong    
06. Butch Willis & The Rocks – Drugs / Repeats
07. Vieux Farka Touré – Fafa / Fondo
08. John Coltrane – Impressions / Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings
09. Beauty Pill - The Cigarette Girl From The Future / title same
10. Omar Souleyman - Laqtuf Ward Min Khaddak / Dabke 2020
11. One Last Wish – Hide / 1986
12. The Ogyatanaa Show Band - Ageisheka / Ghana Soundz: Afro Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana
13. Frohliche Eiszeit - Die Welt Ist Die Mehrheit / Schau Hor Main Herz Ist Rhein
14. Einsturzende Neubauten - Tanz Debil / Kollaps
15. Fake Shark Real Zombie - Avril Kadaver / new album
16. Paul Murphy / Larry Willis – Khafre / Foundations
17. Doctor Mix And The Remix - No Fun (single A side mix) / Wall Of Noise
18. DEVO - Time Out For Fun / Oh No! It's Devo
19. Black Sabbath - Never Say Die! / Never Say Die!